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September 2015 - 01/09/2015

September 2015 Newsletter
September Newsletter

Thank You

Thank you for our lovely presents and cards that we received from all the children who left for school. We can’t believe how time has flown! We wish you the best of luck for your future endeavours!


Please can you ensure that you adhere to our exclusion period for illnesses. Please find this attached for your convenience. All antibiotics require 24 hours off with 48 hours for eyes, chest and throat etc. Please could you ensure you do not bring your child to nursery before the exclusion period is over as this may result in you being turned away. Thank you.

We would like to make a shoe shop in the 3-5 years room and require old shoes and shoe boxes and any related items. If you could help we would be grateful for any donations. Thank you.


We have lots of new children starting in September so nursery is getting very busy again. We welcome you all to Little Cherubs and hope your child will enjoy his/her time here. If you have any queries please do not hesitate to contact us. Don’t forget to check out our website and Facebook page for regular updates!!


September Newsletter

We had our un announced inspection from the regulatory body CIW on Wednesday 19th August. This was a focussed inspection which concentrates on what it is like to be a child here at nursery. The inspection focuses on quality of care, activities on offer and the happiness of the children. The inspection went very well and she was pleased with our progress with the free flow activities and the changes made since the last inspection. The happiness of the children as always was plain to see and she enjoyed chatting to the older children about their experiences. Once the report is available we will let you know, give more feedback and put copies in the foyer.

Through discussion with the inspector we asked about making a few changes to nursery aspects which will be starting over the coming months. We would like to make the 3-5 years room more free flow so will be purchasing a room divider for the corridor so the children can move freely between rooms. This has been assessed by our health and safety person from PSS and deemed more than acceptable.

We would also like to alter our daily records and perhaps do away with them altogether for the downstairs groups. In particular the 3-5 years room as they don’t really have any benefit other than telling you what food they have eaten which you can get from verbal feedback. Daily reports as you can imagine take a lot of time to do for each individual child and takes time away from staff when they could be carrying out activities to benefit the children. We will of course consult you about this via a questionnaire before we decided as we value your input.

We also wish to make changes to our developmental records and will be phasing this in over time. These will be easier to read, more accurate and focus on all the positives your child achieves whilst at nursery.


September Newsletter

Topics for September include National cupcake week, world heart day and Rosh Hashanah
Butterflies: Music, busy feet and shapes
Dragonflies: Dinosaurs, patterns and colours
Ladybirds: Shops and flowers
Caterpillars: Drama, music, busy feet and des


We have been busy updating things for nursery again and are in the process of getting a room divider, outdoor bikes and small world toys. Due to the popularity of the computer in the caterpillars group we will be looking into getting a few tablets for the children too!


We welcome back Sammy into the baby unit, I am sure those that know her will be pleased to catch up.

Staff courses are Tanita and Kim for food hygiene. Laura N, Lisa and Jess M have also embarked on a Level 5 course for CPD for the next 14 months too. Well done all!

Employee of the month votes for August included 2 votes for Lowri!! One from Darla for helping her settle in, learn new words and enjoy coming to nursery. One from Remy for helping him with his meals and supporting him in the group. Each will receive a bottle of wine which can be found in your child’s basket and Lowri will receive a shopping voucher. September is an internal vote so please feel free to send your nominations for October!!

September Newsletter

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