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May 2015 - 07/05/2015

May 2015 Newsletter

May Newsletter


Don’t forget nursery is closed on the two May bank holidays on the 4th and 25th May.

Nursery is currently very busy so if you are looking to increase days or book in a sibling please do so soon to avoid disappointment.

We often take lovely photos of the children which we use for displays and development books however we do also like to share these on facebook. If you would be willing to have your child’s photos on facebook please just drop us an e-mail.


We recently sent questionnaires via e-mail and copies were left in the foyer. We are really grateful for the feedback given and hope that everyone who wanted to complete one did so. These will now form part of our quality report for the year which is needed for CIW guidelines. The winner of the shopping voucher chosen at random is Willow’s mum, please find this in your child’s basket.


May Newsletter

Our duck hatching project went extremely well and the staff and children really enjoyed the experience. Display boards and activities were carried out over the 3 weeks and the children learnt a lot. In particular we enjoyed feeding them and giving them baths!! We thank everyone who sent in money to fund towards this and hope you enjoy your photo/art keepsake which will be sent home very soon. Fred, Chilli and Shelly are now back at the Eggseed farm for a few weeks and then they will be going to live with Evie from the Caterpillars group Auntie. We have compiled a book and there are photographs on our face book page so don’t forget to have a look.

Sponsored events

We are looking forward to our sponsored events at nursery this month. Please find attached a sponsor form showing what we have planned if you haven’t had one already. Our first session is Tuesday 5th May for our move it day!! Any sponsorship money no matter how small will be gratefully received as it will go towards our toddler mark making shed and outdoor toys that the whole nursery can use. We have already purchased a wooden outdoor reading chair in memory of Nikola which will be ready for our teddy bears picnic event. Any queries on the events or to book extra sessions please let us know.


We have recently been purchasing equipment for the children which includes a few new sand trays, water trays, water play equipment, mini bugs. We have also invested in wooden chairs and tables for our 2-3 year age group which I am sure you will agree is great!


We are going to make a mud kitchen in the sensory garden and we would love to have your help resourcing old pots, pans, frying pans, plastic implements, sieves, bottles and kitchen utensils. Please find attached a photo of what a mud kitchen looks like!! The mud kitchen aims to support young children’s natural desires to explore and discover, imagine and create, relate and interact. There is no need to worry about germs as we have a health and safety section with our booklet that tells us that “contact with soil is actually beneficial as the bacteria in it help build healthily functioning immune systems in young children, and research also suggests that this contact produces serotonin in the body –which makes us feel happy ! “. If you wish to look at full information please look at under mud kitchens.

Sun cream

May Newsletter

As the weather has been improving we have started using sun cream again on the warmer days. All children who are able to wear the nursery brands have signed for this and records kept. If your child will be using their own cream this MUST be signed for on the appropriate form and the suitable cream kept at nursery at all times. Without this your child will not be permitted to play outdoors. Should you wish to complete a form please see a member of staff in your child’s group. Brands used by nursery include children’s Boots soltan, nivea and ambre solaire all factor 30 or above. Babies will be supplied their own baby creams of the same makes. We are unable to supply sensitive makes or other brands so if you require this then you will need to bring in your own cream. Thank you.


Topics for May include:-National children’s day, International day of families and National smile month.
Butterflies:-Creative time, patterns, messy play, cooking and craft
Dragonflies:- Books, songs, rhymes, puppets and pirates
Ladybirds:-Books, rhymes and magic. Adventures in food land week
Caterpillars:- Animals, insects, birds and what they need and the zoo


May Newsletter

We passed our Cardiff Healthy and Sustainable Pre School Scheme sections on the environment and now look forward to completing the hygiene section. We have been invited to guest speak at the awards ceremony next month about our achievement so we are really proud of all the hard work staff have achieved!

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