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October 2014 - 29/09/2014

October Newsletter

Requests and reminders
We are currently updating our book corners in groups around the nursery and started purchasing some new books. If you have any unwanted or outgrown books which you would like to see go to a good home we would be very grateful for your donations.
At nursery we are currently collecting:-
Pringles tubes, wine corks and any old keys. Please could you ask your friends and family to collect these for us too

Dawn & Nikola have been working hard planning our winter menu, we will be sticking to old favourites but also trialling some new recipes, keep an eye open on our facebook page for further info and pictures of these. Menu planners will be available on the menu board in the foyer and on the parent boards. If anyone has any interesting healthy meal / snack ideas you would like to see us try please let us know.

Extra sessions/new starters
We are busy at present with lots of extra sessions and children booking permanent extra days, so availability is tight in certain groups. We will do our best to fit any extra sessions in, but the most notice you give us the better.
We will be running a special offer in October for extra discounted sessions in our downstairs groups ONLY – see the poster attached and on the front door for further details.

Over the last month we have purchased new colourful chairs for our 1-2 yrs messy-room, which should be arriving any day. New larger push top bins for all groups, Dinosaur bones and skulls for digging and excavating, number pebbles, insect view finders, mirrors and special creative mark making tools for the baby-room, interactive book puppets, emotion puppets and animal dress up outfits. Thanks for money received from parents as leaving gifts which went towards these, it’s really appreciated. All arts and crafts materials have also been updated throughout the nursery.

Learning processes
October Newsletter
Please could all parents be considerate to their child’s needs whilst at nursery by ensuring to provide them with appropriate footwear for the garden which they are able to have a go at putting on and taking off by themselves. Please can you ensure that where possible foot wear has Velcro straps to help your child be independent and learn new fine motor skills. Unfortunately laced shoes and boots can make life very difficult and can be time consuming for staff whilst trying to get children ready for the garden as the groups are large in numbers and as you can appreciate the children don’t like waiting around!

Children are welcome to bring in wellies, which can be labelled and left at nursery, wellies are ideal for independence and great for all weathers and especially mud!
*Please also ensure coats are provided which are suitable and warm.

Net mums childcare awards
October Newsletter
As you may know Netmums have been running their latest Awards and many of our mums have been busy adding reviews about the nursery.
I am really pleased to let you know that we were selected as one of the member’s favourites in the Wales region. This award is extra special as it is a 'mum's choice' award and acknowledges what a great job we do.
Over the next few days we will be receiving a very special certificate for us to display, as well as adding a special Netmums Favourite badge to our listing on netmums and upgrading it to a FREE Gold Listing for 1 month - so that it is featured even more prominently on the site. We will also be receiving a draft press release to help spread the good news to our local press. We have added our thanks onto our face book page and web site and can only thank each and everyone of you for your heartfelt and lovely comments. All the staff are really pleased to have received this. Our details have also been included in the Awards section -

Nursery Life
October Newsletter
We would love to hear your opinion as for 2015 we are interested in trialling some new ideas. Would you be interested in the idea of grandparents coming to tea, or parents coming along to join in with rhyme time or messy activities around the nursery at planned sessions? Plenty of notice would be given if any event were to be planned. Please e –mail us any thoughts positive or negative on this aspect.

Zoo labs
Zoo labs will be visiting us 5th November @10AM, with their huge array of creepy crawlies and giant bugs, 8 extra spaces for children in 2-3 years and 3-5 years are available to be booked as an extra session to see Zoo labs with lunch 9AM-12PM cost £15. Please book early to avoid disappoint.

October Newsletter
We have been busy at nursery drawing up new toilet rules to ensure that all children are offered all the support they need from staff during toilet training. All children in the 2-3yrs will be followed to the toilet by a member of staff unless a parent requests otherwise. Rules can be found displayed on the 2-3yrs bathroom door.

Music week will be taking place at nursery the week beginning 6th October, look out for the fun activities your child has been taking part in. We have attached some music information you can use at home!

All groups have been partaking in a lot of cooking the last few weeks making savoury muffins, bread, lemon muffins etc. Each group has cooked from scratch and the children have had great fun weighing, measuring, mixing and of course eating!

Topics for the month in each group
Butterflies: Space and sensory lights
Dragonflies: Autumn and Adventures in food land week
Ladybirds: Ourselves and family week
Caterpillars: Fun with colours, shapes and numbers

All groups will be celebrating Halloween, world space week, grandparents day, Diwali and harvest. On the 31st October we will be having a Halloween party in each group for the children who attend nursery on a Friday. Feel free to dress your child up for the day!!

Please feel free to e-mail in any suggestions for Topics we can include for 2015.

October Newsletter
We are still supporting the Children are Unbeatable! Campaign. This is in accordance with the UNCRC policy we have at nursery where every child has rights. More details can be found on

The board in the foyer looks wonderful so thank you to all who contributed. The winner is Toby who receives a lovely new book. All were fantastic and we had to pick the winner out of a hat as we couldn’t choose!

The display in the foyer next to the food board has also been changed. Take a look at the activity you can do with your child this month!

We will be having a visit from Lisa-Marie the CHASP’S co-ordinater this month to see how we are getting on with the emotional well being and safety section of the scheme. Hopefully this will go well and we will be on our way to finishing next year!

Health and Safety
New magnetic strips will be fitted this month to our 3-5 years and 0-1 year’s rooms. This will replace the door guard’s already in operation but will be more user friendly in a nursery environment whilst also still keep in line with the current fire regulations.

Employee of the month
September employee of the month goes to Jodie from the 2-3 years group voted for by Amelia for being lots of fun and helping with her learning. Jodie will receive a voucher to spend and Amelia’s mum and dad a nice bottle of wine to share-please find this in Amelia’s basket.

October wine winner drawn at random is Sienna’s mum and dad -please collect this from your child’s basket!

October Newsletter

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