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June 2014 - 01/06/2014

June 2014 Newsletter
June Newsletter
Thank you
We are saving baby milk tins and shoe boxes for nursery projects. We would also love any unwanted duvet covers or sheets to make dens! Please bring in anything you may have, many thanks.

New things
June Newsletter 2 The nappy room upstairs has been re-decorated with an owl theme and looks clean and fresh again - thank you Lisa.

All money raised from the pottery, toddle commission and photo commission will go towards our fun day and the regeneration of the outdoor sand pit. The sand pit has been cleared out and we will be having a purpose built cover to protect the sand and keep it as clean as possible.

The 3-5 years room have had new blinds for the front windows and I am sure you will agree how nice it looks. Once we have spare money we will save up for black out blinds for the 1-2 years group’s windows. All blinds have been fitted by professionals and meet safety standards with regards to blind cords as they have special safety winders on them.

Ideas wanted
If anyone has any ideas for sandwich fillings that we could try out at nursery please feel free to e-mail your suggestions across.

Net mums has some great ideas for food recipes and tips for fussy eaters. Check this link out for information.

June Newsletter 3 We have two new polices for our CHASP’S which can be found in the folder in the foyer. One is promoting emotional health and well being the other is dealing with sensitive issues and bereavement.

We are actively promoting circle time in the nursery to work towards emotional well being and the children have really enjoyed taking part in this. We have started 2 new scrap books as well and all resources will be out on the fun day for you to look at. Laura, Lisa and Jess will be on hand to answer any queries you may have as well.

The Big Toddle for Barnardo’s will be held at nursery on Thursday 5th June. Don’t forget to get all your sponsor money in and dress your child up in fancy dress for the event. Here is a breakdown of what we will be doing:

The babies - Butterflies (0-14 months) will be going out and about in the pushchairs in their fancy dress, down to the village and local park with balloons on the pushchairs. (They will also get the chance to explore and play on the soft play in the garden)

The Dragonflies (1-2yrs), Ladybirds (2-3yrs), and caterpillars (3-5 years) will be taking part in an obstacle course in the garden – Which will be age appropriate, Different courses will be set for the different individual groups.

We will be hiring soft play for the day for the children to enjoy and also to use for the obstacle course, and also playing fun music and having a bubble machine. Plenty of photographs will be taken during the event and then will be displayed around the nursery. Each child who returns their sponsor form and takes part in the event will receive a certificate and a medal.

The soft play is being hired by the nursery from Active Party 8 and will be available for the children to enjoy for the whole of the nursery day!!

There will be a small prize for the highest sponsor earner in each individual group.

Special Events
June Newsletter 4 Our school leaver’s party will take place on Wednesday 6th August and will have a Hawaiian theme. We have hired funtastic to run the party with the help of the staff and there will also be face painting, games and food. All of the caterpillars group are welcome to attend and individual invites will be in your child’s basket soon. The children took part in choosing what they wanted at the party and all the children were asked to take a vote from a variety of fun activities. The children enjoyed being part of this process very much.

Beep beep day went really well and the children had lots of fun promoting road safety. We are looking forward to a visit from the road safety officer who will be coming with fun resources and will be providing a short talk to the children too. Keep an eye on face book for the photos!

National vegetarian week went really well. We hope you enjoyed the daily recipes. The vegetarian society has a great app you can download on your phone with lots of lovely recipes. It’s well worth a look!

June Newsletter 5 We will be celebrating Fathers day and insect week in June.

Butterflies-all about me, adventures in foodland Dragonflies-summertime Ladybirds-Music, busy feet week Caterpillars-Stories and rhymes, fun food and active play.

If you ever want anymore information on your child’s curriculum or a copy of the at home sheet please do not hesitate to ask.

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