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April newsletter 2014
April Newsletter
We will be starting our pottery ready for Easter so please keep an eye out in your child’s basket for the finished product soon. If you have not yet returned your form and do want to partake please drop us a line and we can see if we have any spares.

Thank you
Thank you so much to Isla’s grandma who came to nursery last month to talk to the pre school group all about her Indian heritage and show them her wonderful sari. If anyone has any particular talents, job role or interests that you think the children might like to see please feel free to contact us as we would love to have you in nursery for a session!

Thank you to everyone who sent us in a photo for our outdoor board. We had an overwhelming response and all the photos were fantastic. The winner of the prize goes to Jessica and Alys for their lovely photos and will receive a book and a certificate. Well done all!

Health and Safety
We have recently employed practical safety solutions who are a wonderful health and safety company to help us with all the paperwork in nursery. We will be shortly e-mailing you out details on this so you can be assured that all healthy and safety aspects are paramount at Little Cherubs.

Little Cherubs is committed to providing a safe environment for your child. Therefore may we respectfully remind you to not let others in to the building and ensure the door is firmly closed when leaving. As per our password system anyone collecting your child that does not collect on a regular basis must have your password. We do also like to be informed that it will be someone different too please. Many thanks.

We have put a new door closer on the front door. This should now firmly click behind you when you exit the building.

Parent Questionnaire
April Newsletter 1 We sent out a questionnaire via e-mail to all parents on the 21st March... Thank you to everyone who returned one with valid comments as it was much appreciated. Closing date for this is Friday 28th March. There are still copies in the foyer should you require one. We will be shortly producing a report on the findings which will be e-mailed and put on our notice boards. If you do not wish to fill in a questionnaire there are sheets for your child to do a drawing in the foyer. We would love to have as many of these back as possible. Thank you.

Healthy body, Happy me week has been going well with a visit from football club, yoga teacher and the toothbrush lady. Keep an eye out around nursery and on face book for photographs.

Sports relief went really well and we managed to raise over £85.00. Well done to everyone who took part. A special thank you goes to Jodie who organised it all :)

This month we will be celebrating Earth day, international dance day and national garden week. Sue will be making a nesting box with the Caterpillars group and we will be making a big handprint collage and songs and games for Earth day.

Circle time has been introduced on a more regular basis with the Ladybirds and Caterpillars groups. Lisa has worked hard on producing booklets for the staff and we are hoping to attend appropriate training soon. This will support the children’s mental and emotional wellbeing.

New toys have been purchased for the nursery including dolls house and equipment, wooden play food, aeroplanes, cars, train track and mats etc. I am sure the children will have lots of fun!

April Newsletter 2 Our new sections for Chasp’s are mental and emotional health, wellbeing and relationships and safety. We will be introducing activities into our planning to meet this criteria and sending information home too such as car and road safety with Kerbkraft Wales and brake charities. As the weather improves we will be promoting sun safety too.

We are supporting Children are Unbeatable campaign. This is CAU Cymru (children are unbeatable alliance) which seeks the prohibition of all physical punishment of children in Wales, together with the support for positive punishment. This is keeping in line with our UNCRC policy. More information can be found at

We will continue with our ongoing holistic curriculum promoting Education for Sustainable Development and Global Citizenship by composting, recycling, reusing and educating the children about environmental awareness.

Cooking activities around the nursery have been going extremely well. We have made samosas, bread, pizza, carrot cakes and lots of lovely goodies. Sammy and the baby room team will also be introducing some simple cooking for the babies after her stint on the cook bus!!

Each group took time out after our staff meeting a few weeks ago to chat as a team and come up with a statement of excellence within their group. This highlights the aims and objectives of each group and can be found on their parent’s boards if you wish to look. If you are ever interested in any curriculum planning or want copies of anything please do not hesitate to ask.

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