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March 2014 - 01/03/2014

March newsletter 2014
March Newsletter
March Newsletter 1 Zoo lab was a real success and the children loved all the different animals. We will be having another visit to nursery with a Halloween theme on the 5th November!

The new homework board is going well and we have received some lovely outdoor activity photographs. Keep sending them in via e-mail as we will be putting up the board very soon.

We will be celebrating St David’s day in all groups on Friday 28th February and Monday 3rd March. The caterpillars group will also be having a Welsh week. Feel free to dress up your child in traditional Welsh costume, red clothes or Welsh related clothing! This relates to children who ONLY attend on Mondays and Fridays. Thank you.

24th-28th March will be our NDNA healthy body, happy me week. Keep an eye out for our posters for what activities we will be participating in and items you may wish to bring!

World book day will be celebrated on Thursday 6th March. Please bring in your child’s favourite book that day to read!

Pancake Day will be celebrated on Tuesday 4th March – Yum! St Patrick’s day and Mother’s day will also be celebrated!

On netmums at the moment there are a few good articles linking how to help your child with numbers, letters and cooking at home. Check out the website links below.

Parent questionnaire
March Newsletter 2 We will be carrying out an annual review of our service for quality monitoring and to improve our service to you as parents/carers. This will be in the form of a short questionnaire which will be sent out soon. We really appreciate your feedback at anytime of the year and are always happy to discuss any queries with you or provide you with information on activities or your child’s progress. Please feel free to contact us via e-mail or in person or speak to your child’s key worker. Keep an eye out for your e-mailed parent’s questionnaire soon. You will also be entered in to a prize draw too for shopping vouchers if you submit a questionnaire.

Easter Pottery
Every year we participate in an Easter pottery activity and over the years the children have decorated some wonderful keepsakes. Keep an eye out for the letter explaining how your child can take part. This will be carried out from the 31st March-11th April ready for all pottery to go home for Easter. It is imperative that you fill out and return the order form with your money by the closing date on the letter as all pottery items are ordered in. Therefore money and forms received after the closing date may risk your child not being able to take part.

March Newsletter 3 We are really proud to announce that we received our CHASP’S certificates for nutrition and oral health and physical and active play on the 18th February. This completes phase one of our 3 year scheme. A big thank you goes to all the staff who worked hard to compile great evidence and provide wonderful activities on the day of inspection!

Our 3 scrap books of activities will be in the foyer on display for you to look at. Anyone requiring more information please e-mail and we can forward on our policy.

We will be working on the new section of mental and emotional health, wellbeing and relationships. Jodie and Alana will be attending a well being course and Laura N will be attending a course on bereavement in childhood.

Charity events
March Newsletter 4 We will be taking part in Sports relief on 19th/20th/21st March. Jodie has organised some great activities around the sports relief theme of Timmy time and ‘wooly’ activities. A poster detailing the event and how you can raise money for this great cause will be e-mailed soon!

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