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All groups will have a daily, weekly and monthly planning sheet following a set topic for the month. All planning is available for you to see what activities your child will be doing and all topics and celebrations are displayed too.

Curriculum and Play Benefits

We value the care and education of all the children who attend Little Cherubs Day Care Nursery. We aim to provide the children’s basic needs and to provide a wealth of exciting activities. Our curriculum follows free flow play and the Foundation Phase.

For the babies in our care all activities are carefully planned around their stage of development and compulsion to use their senses in order to explore and conceptualise.

Activities such as the ‘treasure basket’ offer the chance to explore natural objects and a wide variety of textures. Our daily care routines offer many opportunities for babies to explore their physical environment through touch. A variety of textures are explored through messy play activities, such as playdough, Gloop, and water play. There is also enjoyment to be had during creative activities such as painting and sticking.

Music, rhyme and song will feature prominently in each baby’s day. Contact play such as peek-a-boo games and talking to the children are also constantly used by staff, and books are presented where appropriate.

For the toddler group and 2-3year olds, staff, provide activities to foster the children’s increasing desire to do things for her / him-self. We provide a mixture of child chosen and adult led activities.

Careful planning is completed on a monthly basis, where activities are picked not only to suit children within the group and their individual stage of development, but also by basing the planning around daily observations. Planning is based on ‘free flow play’ where activities are chosen which aim to help the child meet each aspect. However most of the learning is carried out by providing different play opportunities and new experiences.


Children will have the chance to use a variety of materials when painting and sticking and have unlimited access to mark making equipment.


Children will have the chance to promote their fine and gross motor skills. They will be offered jigsaws, shape sorters, blocks etc. They will also have plenty of opportunities to play in the garden and to use the ball pit, tunnels, and soft play.

Emotional & social

We will help the children to begin to understand the importance of caring and sharing, and encourage the children to play alongside one another in harmony and learn about right and wrong and socially interact with one another.


The children are encouraged to learn and explore through free-play activities. These include home play, bricks, sound & light toys etc.

Music & Language

We ensure that books and literature feature prominently in the day and ensure ample opportunity to talk to the children and join in with play to encourage speech development. Music and singing and story sessions also take place daily.

Pre-school curriculum (Foundation Phase)

Little Cherubs nursery provides the opportunity for children to learn how to relate to adults and other children. They learn to co-operate and share and show consideration for others. We teach the children to care for themselves, one another and for the environment.

We provide structured activities to challenge the children and place reading and writing materials in areas throughout the classroom to extend the child’s use of these throughout a variety of imaginative situations. We provide a wide range of stories, songs and activities to support this development.

Mathematics in nursery is based on practical activities, and through use of the computer and appropriate software. Mathematics during circle time includes participation in interactive number games, songs, rhymes and stories.

We support the development of the children’s bilingual skills through a variety of learning activities including Welsh colour activities, songs, stories, number activities and creative play.

Multi-cultural understanding is approached through craft, music, the theme of the home corner, stories and songs.

We provide opportunities, where children can explore, construct and discover. Teacher led activities are also enjoyed by the children, which include cooking, tasting and smelling different foods, Planting and growing seeds, and learning about different festivals in the world and how they are celebrated.

We understand the importance of regular physical activity to promote healthy growth. Staff, plan activities both indoors and out to encourage special awareness, control and co-ordination and developing motor and manipulative skills.
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