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Our Mission Statement

Equal opportunity means treating everyone with equal concern according to his or her individual needs.

We believe that children and adults should be treated fairly regardless of race, religion or ability. This applies no matter what they think or say, what type of family they come from, what languages they speak, what their parents do, whether they are boys or girls, whether they have a disability or whether they are rich or poor. All children have a right to be listened to and valued in the setting.

We give lots of support for all the children – about who they are, how much their culture, faith, language and skin colour are valued. We aim to help the children learn that they are members of a family group but also that they are part of a wider community. The development of true cultural awareness implies showing respect for others.


We act in accordance with all relevant equality legislation and guidance relating to race, gender, disability and employment to ensure that discrimination is eliminated and that equality of opportunity is promoted in line with promoting fundamental British Values.

The legal framework for our practice is:

The Children and Families Act 2014, Children Act 2004, Equality Act 2010 UN Convention on the Rights of the Child 1989, Human Rights Act 1998,

Fostering multicultural awareness

All children have a need to develop, which is helped by exploring and discovering the people and things around them. Children are encouraged to recognise their own unique qualities and the characteristics they share with other children.

We plan opportunities that build on and extend all children’s knowledge, experiences, interests and skills and develop their self esteem and confidence in their ability to learn. We consider what might be appropriate to offer them according to their ages, stages of development and levels of understanding.

We provide activities and experiences which celebrate diversity. We join in the celebration of community festivals and events, exploring diversity of foods, raising awareness and respect of cultural differences at mealtimes and eating. Both sexes are encouraged to explore resources and activities traditionally used by the other. Our staff at the setting aim to continually be aware of the language we use, we use non-gender specific language in identifying job roles e.g. fire fighter, police officer.

At Little cherubs Nursery the staff:
  • Encourage activities, which enhance self-awareness and appreciation of each child’s feelings and competencies.
  • Encourage children to discuss how their lives are similar yet different. In this way children not only identify with their own culture but also become aware of the culture of others.
  • Encourage children to appreciate that other people may have points of view and feelings different of their own.
  • Broaden the cultural basis of the curriculum to include discussion and activities related to different types of clothing, speech, music and food etc. In addition to the traditional festivals the children will be introduced to the celebrations of other cultures
We will actively promote equality of opportunity and anti-discrimination for children. We will monitor our personnel procedures to ensure that they are fair and objective. We aim to attract a wide range of competent and able applicants for our posts. We aim to provide an accessible working environment for people with disabilities. We will make clear to all our staff their rights and their personal responsibilities for achieving equal opportunities in the workplace. Everyone has a right to be treated fairly and with consideration, and to enjoy a harmonious working environment.

Through regular staff meetings and planning we will take every step to incorporate into our curriculum, activities which reflect, celebrate and educate our children about all races, backgrounds, cultures and religions and to actively promote the valuable roles of people with disabilities in our society.

We will liaise with parents/guardians to ensure the child’s records contain information, which enables appropriate care to be given. Menus can be easily adapted to cater for any cultural needs or special diets (see our admissions policy).

All children will be allowed to speak in their home language in the setting. Language will be used in a non-discriminatory way, an interpreter will be sought if needed for adults/children and letters translated into their language. Support will be given to all children who English is a second language

Nursery Resources

We have resources that reflect our multicultural society. Staff use the resources and involve them in the children’s play and their curricular activities.

Discriminatory remarks or behaviour

As a staff team we aim to recognise and examine our own beliefs and prejudices, being conscious of the effect they have on our practice and seek to overcome them.

We take all incidents of discrimination very seriously. We aim to challenge overt prejudice and discrimination when it occurs in a way that is sensitive and constructive. We endeavour to help the person who has offended to see what was wrong with what they did or said and to support them in making any changes. We intend to point out untrue statements in a sensitive way and give correct information. We regularly review practice and resources to ensure we are continuing to meet the individual needs of the children attending. Addressing equalities issues is an on going process not a one-off activity.

We regularly review practice and resources to ensure we are continuing to meet all current needs. Addressing equalities issues is an on going process not a one-off activity.
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