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Here at Little Cherubs we cater for 53 children, therefore both the manager and deputy manager are supernumerary. We also have a housekeeper who keeps the nursery clean and tidy, and a cook to provide freshly-cooked meals and snacks throughout the day. All nursery staff are qualified at level two and/or three, Early Years Childcare and Education, or working towards a qualification.

As part of our ongoing commitment to continuous improvement in health and safety and fire safety standards, we are pleased that we have secured the active support of Sure Safety as our partner. Sure Safety is responsible for ensuring our procedures and practices remain appropriate and compliant without impacting unnecessarily on the daily activities of the nursery or the educational support and care of your children. Regular scheduled and unannounced site inspections take place throughout the year and updates in terms of relevant information will be provided to parents through our regular newsletters.

We take our safety responsibilities very seriously and our number one priority is the safety of your children and our staff. As part of our commitment to quality childcare and customer service, Sure Safety can be available to discuss any questions or concerns you may have from time to time.

Nursery Safety

Each year our registration is reviewed, following an inspection by the Care and Social Services Inspectorate for Wales. CIW will then confirm whether some or all of the National Minimum Standards have been met.

We are responsible for holding fire drills, which we hold four times a year, and the alarm system is checked on a weekly basis. We comply with new legislation and carry out fire risk assessments. This includes aspects such as training in the use of equipment, analysing possible fire risks, checking all equipment regularly and assessing the fire risks on a yearly basis. The fire risk assessment has been carried out by a fire safety service officer. Our security service Churches Fire and Security also monitor our equipment (such as lighting, alarms and extinguishers) regularly.

We carry out regular risk assessments on potential hazards within the nursery. Following the risk assessment an action plan is agreed and progress regularly reviewed.

Doors leading to an outside area of the nursery are kept locked. The main door is coded so only staff are able to enter; parents and visitors access by the main doorbell. All visitors to the nursery are required to sign in and out.

Gas and electrical appliances are checked every year. The current certificates are available for inspection in the manager’s office.

No child is left alone at any time. Any students on placements are never left alone with the children, and are supervised at all times.

Parents/carers are requested to inform staff of any changes in their telephone number or address, as well as their doctor’s telephone number or address. They must also inform staff of any changes they wish to make to the list of people authorised to collect their child. If a parent or guardian is unable to collect a child, the nursery must be informed immediately. If any person other than the parent is to pick up the child from the nursery, the manager must be informed beforehand and evidence of identification, or the child’s password will be requested on arrival.

The nursery is not allowed to have children on the premises beyond the agreed registration time. The nursery manager is required to inform Social Services if a child has not been collected.

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