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Mission Statement/Statement of Purpose

Our vision is that children who leave Little Cherubs have confidence and are socially and emotionally developed. Also they will have had the relevant foundation skills to enable them to go onto primary education and learning.

At Little Cherubs Day Care Nursery we provide fifty-three places, of which a maximum number of 21 under 2 years of age, maximum number 9 under 1 year old, and a maximum of 32 over 2 years of age. Little Cherubs provides full day care and is registered with all the rooms of the house premises and the rear garden. We provide places for girls and boys from 6 weeks to five years of age, opening from 8am-6pm, Monday to Friday. We aim to cater for all children and their individual needs, children who may have special needs are also welcomed. We are a predominantly English-speaking nursery but also encourage the use of the Welsh language through everyday activities and conversations. We are staffed with full/part time workers who are qualified or are working towards an NVQ level 2 or 3 or have experience in childcare.

There are 2 managers and one named deputy and 4 group leaders. There is always a senior member of staff who is supernumerary. The nursery facilities include 2 rooms for the sole use of each group. Each group has a play room and a messy activity/dining room in which activities can be carried out. The children have access to our large garden which is split into a traditional grass garden with safety surface flooring and our outdoor garden with green house, mud kitchen and large outdoor sand pit. The children also have their own nappy changing areas and bathrooms for privacy.
We feel that the children’s care in nursery should promote security, self-esteem and develop warm and positive relationships. In partnership with the parents and the children we aim to create a nurturing, relaxed and friendly environment in which the children in our care feel safe and secure.

Quality childhood care and education will develop self-esteem, confidence and later learning. We support parents as the child’s primary carer and first educator through mutual respect. We share information about the child’s care, development and educational activities.

We aim to create a very homely environment for the children in our care, play is not only crucial to the way children become self-aware and the way in which they learn social behaviour, it is also fundamental to intellectual development. Young children learn most effectively when they are actively encouraged in first hand experiences. Children are listened to, appreciated, and recognised in their efforts and achievements.

We aim to ensure that the children are protected, respected and valued as small people in our nursery environment.

We carry out a variety of activities with the children daily, focusing on the curriculum of free flow play and the Foundation phase. Staff encourage the children through child led activities and offer praise and encouragement to ensure independence. Children have plenty of chance for free play and to make their own decisions. Adult led activities are also offered such as storytelling, singing, circle time, cooking and gardening. These however still have a large input from the children and adults are used more to extend the children’s learning.

We will undertake a variety of quality monitoring exercises throughout the year. This will take into account the views of parents, staff and children. Parents will be sent a questionnaire every year to fill out on the service we provide. We will provide feedback of the responses and any changes/improvements in an action plan. The views of the staff, parents, children and other service users will be compiled to complete a quality of care review (SASS part 2) which will be available to all users of our service. There are further copies on our notice boards and in our foyer for prospective parents.

Safety of the children whilst in our care is paramount and we urge all parents to be vigilant in this area. We have CCTV in every room and communal areas except bathrooms. This is to ensure that the staff and children are protected at all times and to deter any intruders. This is done in accordance with data protection and cannot be accessed via the Internet or any other sources.
Any footage is strictly for office purposes only and cannot be requested to be viewed by a parent or other third party without proper reason. Strict procedures will be followed if a request for access is given. The manager will ensure day-to-day compliance with the CCTV code of practice and our own CCTV policy, which is available on request.

With regards to emergency procedures please see main section of the enrolment pack for details about our emergency procedures at nursery. We have a critical incident policy plan detailing how we will operate effectively in case of fire, flood, burglary, abduction, lock down or threat of abduction and bomb threats. All incidents will be managed by the person in charge on duty. Any incidents that involve evacuation will follow the fire evacuation plan. Other incidents will be dealt with on an individual basis taking into account the effect on the safety, health and welfare of the children and staff in the nursery.

In the event of a serious communicable disease we will inform parents straight away and if the child is in our care we will follow emergency procedures should your child require hospital treatment. We will inform RIDDOR, CIW and the local health protection unit. We will take guidance from HPA. The nursery operates an emergency action plan if a child in our care has a serious accident or illness. We will at all times ensure the safety of all the children in our care should we need to deal with an emergency. Parents will be contacted immediately and informed of the situation. If a child needs hospital attention then 999 will be called and a member of staff will accompany the child until the parents arrive. Copies of all our safety policies are available on request.

This statement of purpose is kept under review and revised where appropriate and any changes are informed to CIW at least 28 days before changes take place.

Our complaints procedure can be found on page 46 of the enrolment pack but please feel free to contact the manger first who will be happy to listen to your concerns.

Please read through carefully all our policies and procedures. If you would like more detail on any policies and procedures regarding the nursery then these can be found in full in the brown folder situated in the foyer. We also have 2 further folders on our Cardiff Healthy and Sustainable Pre-School Scheme (CHASP’S) and quality monitoring. Please feel free to read these at your leisure. Alternatively please ask a member of staff to show you or to receive your own copy of the policy you require in more detail. A full list of our policies can be found on page 12 of the enrolment pack. Important policies are also available on our website. Please ensure you are aware of our terms and conditions before enrolling your child at nursery by reading the back pages. Thank you.

Get in touch!

If you wish to contact the nursery manager Jessica Miller you can do this by telephone on 029 2052 1007 or e-mail The office also has an open door policy so parents are free to drop in any time.

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